mardi 18 décembre 2018

Antoine, the navigator and the adventurer, always conquered by Madagascar

Who does not know Antoine, this French sailor in love with the islands, born in Madagascar and who never tires of praising the beauty of this big island. Recently, this great adventurer has made documentary films on which he relates again and again the tourist attractions of Madagascar. He is used to doing this, as he often says: he has good reason to do so to further promote the destination Madagascar.

lundi 5 novembre 2018

Bird safari: an unforgettable moment

Whether you're a fan of birds or a true birdwatcher at heart, the bird safari in Majunga was surely one of your favorite moments. The event was in its third edition and took place from 23 to 28 October 2018. This safari was a success as it brought together observers, photographers, bird lovers and especially tourists curious about the exceptional nature Malagasy. 

mercredi 17 octobre 2018

Protect our lemurs!

For years, specialists have alerted us to the rapid extinction of our dear lemurs. These gems of the big island may disappear within 20 years if we do not take the initiative to quickly reverse the causes of their disappearance. Among others, bush fires, hunting and logging. And yet, lemurs have important roles for the regulation of the ecological and especially to ensure tourism development of the Big Island.

mardi 11 septembre 2018

Analamanga hike: destination Amboniandrefana

So many tourist sites deserve a glance in the region of Analamanga. This 8th of September 2018, the Regional Tourist Office of Analamanga or ORTANA takes you to a unique place called Amboniandrefana. This town is famous for its historical and cultural site, rich in caves and troglodytes. 

jeudi 16 août 2018

Safary whale near Majunga

You all know the whale festival of Sainte Marie. But have you heard of the whale safari on the coast of Majunga? It is on the north-west of Madagascar that we observe these marine mammals. From August to October, a free new show is offered by these hidden treasures.

lundi 9 juillet 2018

Caviar made in Madagascar?

It's not only in Italy that produced the best caviar in the world. Madagascar is also in the running and saw the first caviar production less than ten months ago. A winning bet that begins to gain international ground. 

dimanche 10 juin 2018

Watch whale sharks in Nosy be

Do you want to admire and even swim with whale sharks in Nosy Be? From its scientific name "Rhincodon typus", this species is the largest fish in the world with a size between 4 and 15m. To meet this animal is the dream of every diver. So, what are you waiting for? Be at the rendezvous for a discovery more than unbelievable.