lundi 27 mars 2017

A surprising tour in the west of Madagascar

If the eastern part of the island is known for its temperate and rainy climate, the west is seduced by its dry climate and mild temperature. We love the west for its authenticity and its unquestionable natural value. A visit is worth it, we go!

A little-known vacation spot

Comparing East and West of Madagascar, vacationers mainly lean towards the east. When they go on holiday, they generally choose the province of Tamatave and its surroundings. The west, less explored, was not always in the list of the best destinations. Since the Malagasy national tourist office has been developing recovery strategies, the West is now more attractive, even though there are not many holidaymakers. The Malagasy want to know this place of holidays as well unique as surprising. In addition to the premises, tourists also did not hesitate and arrive en masse. A lot of curiosities attract the attention of foreign tourists. Hence their enthusiasm for this part of the island.

The favorite west of tourists

When analyzing the number of visitors, Malagasy are more numerous than foreigners. This figure does not yet reach the expected figure, as it is very close to the percentage of foreign visitors. Compared with the enthusiasm for the east and the northwest (Majunga), the west is still in third place. This is explained by the distance, a little distance away from the capital. Tamatave is less than 400 kms, Majunga 600 kms, Morondava to Bemaraha is 850 kms. It is normal that the Malagasy do not go to this locality. In this case, the west is for the moment the favorite of foreign tourists. Every year, they do not miss the seasonal rendezvous. Coming from all over China, France, Canada, Germany and the United States, all these people want to discover the typical West of Madagascar. They know more about this place than the Malagasy. By consulting the internet, they see the reputation of the west proudly evoked in several tourist sites. Those who have already come have.

And if we talked about its wealth

What makes the West the favorite place of tourists "vazaha"? First of all, the visitors are fewer so security is a must. This part of the island is also calm and nature is within reach of all. The weather is not often spoiled like that of the east, very rainy and cold. There, the heat sets the body in motion and invites you to swim and sunbathe. When one moves more and more towards the west, one sees one's unique riches. You have the baobabs, the endemic animals like the lemurs and especially this famous sunset. When you visit the Baobab Alley, stay there until the early evening to admire the sunset. We continue the itinerary and reach the extreme west. In this part, the Tsingy of Bemaraha will be your center of interest. You will concentrate on this unique place in the world where the fauna and the flora are in better cohabitation. You'll see, it's really sensational. No wonder these vazahas are jostling to come to the west.