jeudi 16 août 2018

Safary whale near Majunga

You all know the whale festival of Sainte Marie. But have you heard of the whale safari on the coast of Majunga? It is on the north-west of Madagascar that we observe these marine mammals. From August to October, a free new show is offered by these hidden treasures.

Less known but rich in surprises 

The whale safari near the province of Majunga is an unique moment that one discovers nowhere else. It is still unknown to all Malagasy and tourists but it promises a lot of big surprise. This holiday project is organising by a resort in the region and by Cétamada, an organization responsible for protecting cetaceans in Madagascar. These organizers invite all Malagasy tourists and holidaymakers to observe mammals about 15km north of Majunga. 

According to specialists, many whales join the warm waters of Madagascar from July. When they get closer to the territory, their itinerary is divided in two: a first group joins the east near Sainte Marie and a second group reaches northwest about fifteen kms from the capital of Boina. 

Marine mammals at the heart of the show 

A beautiful show awaits you from August to October. Be aware, however, that mammals are very far from the coast. And yet, they are well there giving birth to their young and making their courtship. Vacationers at the beach do not notice them because of the great distance. You have to take your special boat and travel a long distance to see them more closely. 

According to observers who have been there for a few weeks, we can even go up to 40km far from the coast and see a wide choice of whale species. This year, the dolphins are the stars of the scene. They are ubiquitous and do not hesitate to make remarkable jumps to surprise all visitors. There are also blue whales, humpback whales and sperm whales. A new whale breed named Link's Whale has joined the small group.

As these are wild animals, they are not necessarily at the rendezvous during your visit. They only go out according to their desire. Let's hope that when you get there, you will have at least observed some whales and their young. Regarding dolphins, you do not have to worry, they will surely be there to watch for your arrival.

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