mercredi 17 octobre 2018

Protect our lemurs!

For years, specialists have alerted us to the rapid extinction of our dear lemurs. These gems of the big island may disappear within 20 years if we do not take the initiative to quickly reverse the causes of their disappearance. Among others, bush fires, hunting and logging. And yet, lemurs have important roles for the regulation of the ecological and especially to ensure tourism development of the Big Island.

A rapid destruction that is cold in the back 

If there are spoiled animals on the big island, they were probably the famous lemurs. Years ago, they lived freely without predators or threats. This absence of predators pushed them to grab very ecological and restricted spaces in order to transform them into their official habitats. At the arrival of the man, this situation has indeed changed. Their evolution has sluggishly slowed down as man began to occupy their space. 

At this moment, the numbers continue to increase and reveal an intensive extinction of these animals in only 20 years. You surely know that the first cause of their disappearance is none other than bushfires. With nearly 500000ha of forests going up in smoke, lemurs also decrease rapidly with them. 

Other causes have been registered by the authority. They are harmful to animals and promote their decline year by year. In addition to bushfires, there is also hunting, felling of trees and slash-and-burn farming.

Good reasons to protect them 

And yet, we all know that the protection of these lemurs is of paramount importance. As endemic animals, they constantly attract tourists. So they generate large revenues in return. They contribute greatly to the development of this sector. 

That's not all, it's also national heritages that deserve great protection just like humans. Their presence values our identity and promotes our natural wealth to the eyes of the world. This is why we choose the lemur as a mascot of Madagascar during major national or international games. When talking about lemurs, foreigners think directly of us, Malagasy people ! 

Last but not least to protect them, lemurs have roles to play in ecological regulation. The specialists consider them as gardeners of the forest. The proofs, they first eat the fruits and nuts, then they throw the seeds around, to get dowin in the ground again. This is how the forest is renewed and extends naturally. And who do you think are responsible for this ecological evolution? Lemurs, of course! Is not this a good and main reason to protect them? Up to you.

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