dimanche 10 juin 2018

Watch whale sharks in Nosy be

Do you want to admire and even swim with whale sharks in Nosy Be? From its scientific name "Rhincodon typus", this species is the largest fish in the world with a size between 4 and 15m. To meet this animal is the dream of every diver. So, what are you waiting for? Be at the rendezvous for a discovery more than unbelievable.

A large animal but of a harmless quality

You probably scared sharks? It does not matter, but know the whale shark is far from the most aggressive animal in the world. Otherwise, it is not the famous shark known to swallow everything that happens in front of him. The whale shark is quite different. Its name alone indicates that it is a harmless fish that is close to the silhouette of a large whale. According to specialists, it is a placid fish that presents no danger to humans. Despite its size of up to 15 m, it is safe to swim with it. Whale sharks that can be seen in the temperate waters of Nosy Be do not exceed about 12 meters.

When to observe it?

Do you want to come to Madagascar especially to see whale sharks in Nosy Be? It is better to plan your stay between mid-September and January. It's the best time of the year when marine mammals are easy to watch. You can even dive with them since they have a propensity to swim near the surface. With your snorkel and fins, you follow the rhythm of the animal. After the month of December until January, some of them have already migrated. But those who remain are still visible in scuba diving.

Some informations about this unusual animal

Do you know that these giants of the sea are ovoviviparous animals, that is to say that their eggs hatch in the belly of the mother. The female can lay up to 300 eggs for a single litter. They feed on several marine elements including crustaceans, krill and plankton. He needs to eat a ton of food a day. Whale sharks migrate annually in long-distance waters. They follow especially the increase of the plankton of the temperate waters like those of Nosy Be. From September to January, the warm waters of Nosy Be favor the proliferation of plankton. Which means that these waters are also conducive for the survival of these big fish. Do you know that despite the high number of eggs for a single female, these species are still endangered by hunting. What is unfortunate is that they are barbarously hunted by men. These predators especially covet the fins and the flesh of these marine riches and then sell them to the big international hotels.

Let's hope that your visit to Nosy Be with these marine mammals will allow you to shout loudly the importance of protecting them from hunting.

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