mardi 27 juin 2017

A thermal holiday in Ranomafana

The health resort of Ranomafana is a rare pearl situated in Ifanadiana. In the heart of the tropical forest of Antsinana, the thermal pool of Ranomafana makes the reputation of the place. Its thermal springs from natural warm waters attract a good number of visitors wishing to make a cure or wishing to discover the authenticity of the place. So, want a moment of well-being and discovery in a tropical forest? The thermal cure center at Ranomafana Park is just waiting for you.

Let's talk about Ranomafana Baths

Discovered in 1991, this rain forest hid many natural resources, including lemurs endemic to Madagascar. This same forest also harbored hot springs capable of being transformed into a natural pool of hot water. Each year, Malagasy and foreign tourists jostle to discover the health resort of Ranomafana. The hot water pool constitutes the main advantage of the station. The idea comes from there and the infrastructure has been developed. Since the construction has ended, the thermal pool remains active and opens its doors to all Malagasy and foreigners come to visit the island.

The large swimming pool measures about twenty meters and contains liters of natural hot water at about 38 °. For information, hot springs come directly from the surrounding mountains and flow down to irrigate the entire forest and natural park. According to specialists, taking a hot bath in this thermal pool provides health and wellbeing. These warm waters possess natural curative powers, essential for treating rheumatism, bone diseases and diseases.

What to do and what to see in Ranomafana?

Let us not forget that besides the thermal pool, a national park rich in endemic biodiversity complements the assets of the locality. Your holidays are not limited to the hot bath in the swimming pool but also to the visit of this very famous park of Madagascar. To complete your diary, the park reveals various species of endemic animals of the big island. Among, you will find 12 species of lemurs, 90 species of butterflies, more than 60 species of reptiles, 115 bird species, more than 100 species of amphibians and 30 species of terrestrial mammals. 

In the heart of the rainforest, endemic trees and plants also abound. If only orchids and palms are mentioned, the medicinal plants also complete the picture. While cruising the forest during a trekking or hiking tour, discover the waterfalls and primary circuits drawn in the middle of the primary forest. If you are curious minds, you can visit researchers and observers focused on their work. A basic center was built in the park to develop the work of these scientists. As it seems, these devoted people do not stop to discover new species of animals and plants finding refuges in this exceptional Madagascan forest.