mercredi 22 février 2017

South of Madagascar an incredible itinerary

We never tire of saying it: the South of Madagascar is an incredible place that deserves to be discovered at least once in its life. This invitation is addressed to all Malagasy but also to all foreigners. If you want to dive into a luxuriant, rich and authentic nature, the South of Madagascar will be your best destination.

4 unmissable parks

You know that Madagascar is an island with a thousand parks. From north to south and from east to west, nature reserves have been built to preserve and protect the island's wildlife and flora. In the south alone, there are at least four. And if the opportunity to go there, you should not miss these four national parks of southern Madagascar.

Who are they ?

-The Ranomafana Park

Both surprising and mystical, these parks each have their own particularity. It is not worth  spoiling the surprise. To know the specificity of each one, it is preferable to set foot there. It is only necessary to specify that the park of Ranomafana is close to the capital. Zombitse is therefore the most southerly, that is to say, the furthest from the four.

The common features of these parks 

Even though they have their own characteristics, these parks share common features. The fact that they are natural reserves already indicate the great presence of different plant and animal species. Some species only exist on the island, so they can only be seen in the heart of these national parks. If Ranomafana is famous for its thermal waters, its virgin forest and its reptiles, Isalo is none the less with its gigantic rocks resembling the great canyons of America. If Andringitra is a good place to observe the lemurs, Zombitse also offers the most beautiful beaches of the southern part.

Let's visit everyone!

It was just a foretaste but once there, it's a thousand times better. In that case, why not visit them all? You just have to contact the right tourist guide, knowing perfectly the south, and everything is settled. This guide will explain the routes to follow. As a professional, he certainly will not miss these four parks that we talked about earlier. Even better, there may be other surprises even more stunning than these parks.