lundi 24 avril 2017

A deserved visit to Andasibe

Regions rich in fauna and flora are numerous in Madagascar. One of them and the most popular tourist is the Andasibe Park. At 140 km from the capital on National Road 2, towards the province of Tamatave, Andasibe Park is an authentic and breathtaking tourist place, allowing you to pass a successful and unparalleled stay.

As we speak, Andasibe Park is still one of the rare pearls of the island. According to specialists, the place still remains a Malagasy green gold that deserves not only a passage. It is worth a few days, even a few weeks, visit. At the heart of this green gold, nature is galore, luxuriant and warm. When talking about Andasibe, one particularly remembers its extensive tropical forest that stirs up curiosity. Why is that ? Simply because it has assets to show visitors. Immersed in the heart of this tropical forest, you will be amazed by the beauty of the vegetation and the multitude of animals that live there.

The precious refuge of lemurs

If you choose a few days holiday in the park, accommodations will be at your disposal. In the early morning, do not be surprised if you hear the cry of the lemurs waking you up. Indeed, it is their official dwelling. And that's one of the reasons we come to this place. You go to Andasibe to rest but also to see and observe these famous endemic animals of Madagascar. The most numerous in Andasibe are the Indri. Considered as the biggest Malagasy lemurs, the Indri live in this natural reserve and protected by a few Malagasy and foreign associations. There are about 800 Indri in Andasibe and to better see them, a special circuit is proposed by the park. Unique and impressive by their large size and their behavior, these Indri offer you a morning song soft and incomparable.

A charming place for eco-tourism enthusiasts

In addition to the Indri, other animals such as birds, reptiles and other species of lemurs also inhabit Andasibe. During the circuits presented by the park, you can admire all this authentic fauna. And do not forget that the flora is also majestic. In the middle of the forest, eucalyptus and rare orchids in the world have settled. One to four hours of adventure will help you to discover everything. To satisfy you, you can choose from the few types of circuits. For example, the hiking trail to get lost in the middle of trees, canoeing, biking, squashing or horseback to better see the lemurs more closely. If you are more adventurous, a night tour is also offered by the park. This time, you will be immersed in the middle of the forest to contemplate the beauty of the park at night.

As you know, eastern Madagascar is dominated by a humid climate all year round. However, between September and November, the climate is rather mild. This is the high season so it is best to make a reservation before this period. This saves you the visits of Andasibe in the torrential rain.