lundi 9 juillet 2018

Caviar made in Madagascar?

It's not only in Italy that produced the best caviar in the world. Madagascar is also in the running and saw the first caviar production less than ten months ago. A winning bet that begins to gain international ground. 

Caviar, an extremely expensive luxury product 

As we know, caviar is a specific food made from fish eggs called sturgeon. Italy is the largest producer of caviars in the world. These Italian caviars are expensive and are reserved for very special customers. In recent years, several countries have started producing caviar to target a wider customer base. They have remained luxury products but are now available on all budgets. The development of caviar is not an easy operation hence its high price. There are very strict international manufacturing standards for quality caviar worthy of their expensive price. 

Mantasoa, the place of production of Malagasy caviar 

For less than a year, Madagascar has also started producing its first caviars. It is in Mantasoa, a few kilometers from the capital, that the first Malagasy farm and even the first in the Indian Ocean, has opened. Acipenser, the company producing caviars in Madagascar, raises five species of sturgeon in its main basin, including beluga, Iranian caviar, Siberian and Osciètre. The company has labeled the products of sale the "Caviar Rova of Madagascar" 

A presence noticed during the « Paulée in Mauritius » 

Several restaurants in the capital have already ordered the Acipenser caviars. This factory dreams to become one of the largest producers of caviars in the world. With the Cites permit in hand, this company presented its caviars at the Paulée salon in Mauritius in May 2018. Several chefs, vineyards and restaurants of the sister island have tasted the caviar made in Madagascar.

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