mardi 11 septembre 2018

Analamanga hike: destination Amboniandrefana

So many tourist sites deserve a glance in the region of Analamanga. This 8th of September 2018, the Regional Tourist Office of Analamanga or ORTANA takes you to a unique place called Amboniandrefana. This town is famous for its historical and cultural site, rich in caves and troglodytes. 

A visitable place all the year 

ORTANA does not choose a random place perchance. He selected Amboniandrefana especially for its historical riches and points of interest such as troglodytes and caves. If you were away during this Ortana tour date, you can always choose another time. The village is open to all ages from January to December. The locality is not far from the center of Antananarivo. It is south of the capital, only 26km away. Amboniandrefana is a traditional village in the municipality of Ambalavao. 

A favorite for hikers 

It is not only nature lovers who are invited to visit Amboniandrefana. The whole family can come to see what wealth is buried in the heart of this place. For more details, it should be noted that the favorites don’t miss. You will need two hours to cover the entire site. You will discover caves with very small galleries and rock shelters. Typically Malagasy tombs are also arranged. Admire how they are aligned to form a very atypical pattern. 

After the hours of walking, during which you will be amazed by the splendor of the landscape, you will take a break and contemplate the environment in front of you. It's time to breathe the fresh air and exhale the negative waves that invade your mind. Amboniandrefana is a surprising place to empty and to recharge for half a day. When you take the way back, do not forget to make a stopover in Ambatofotsy to buy some local products as souvenirs.

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