lundi 5 novembre 2018

Bird safari: an unforgettable moment

Whether you're a fan of birds or a true birdwatcher at heart, the bird safari in Majunga was surely one of your favorite moments. The event was in its third edition and took place from 23 to 28 October 2018. This safari was a success as it brought together observers, photographers, bird lovers and especially tourists curious about the exceptional nature Malagasy. 

The safari was certainly reserved for birds. But on the other hand, there was also another common cause that prompted the organizers to initiate this event. The other goal was to preserve the exceptional biodiversity of the Big Island, which is not just limited to wildlife but also endemic flora. This kind of event aims to make you know the variety of riches that are on the big island. 

For the bird safari especially, it was a great opportunity for fans of "bird watching" to discover the Malagasy ornithological treasures. They met at Mahavavy Kinkony New Protected Area in Majunga during the safari. The star bird was the "White Squacco Heron", scientifically called Ardeola idea. If you were there, you will surely noticed this rare bird. 
As an indication, and for all those who still want to visit the Protected Area, know that the place houses 64 species of waterfowl, 9 of which only exist in Madagascar. You will encounter flamingos, sacred ibis of Madagascar, terns, Bernier's teals and 34 species of migratory birds. Among the endemic species, you have the Eagle of the Pygarque, the Ran of Cuvier and the Plover of Madagascar. 

The local population welcomed visitors in joy and smile. These birdwatchers have benefited from a special type of accommodation, full board, and adapted to their specific budget. In addition to the discovery tours offered to the participants, conferences focused on bio-ecology were also on the agenda.

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