mardi 18 décembre 2018

Antoine, the navigator and the adventurer, always conquered by Madagascar

Who does not know Antoine, this French sailor in love with the islands, born in Madagascar and who never tires of praising the beauty of this big island. Recently, this great adventurer has made documentary films on which he relates again and again the tourist attractions of Madagascar. He is used to doing this, as he often says: he has good reason to do so to further promote the destination Madagascar.

An earthly paradise that must be visited

As a reminder, and for those who have a short memory, this famous Antoine who is constantly being talked about is none other than this French navigator who has come several times to Madagascar, and who has even been born here for 74 years. Being in love with his native island, he visited all the corners of Madagascar "in his own way" to discover the beauty and the splendor of the place. He started this sailing trip in 1979, followed by the second catamaran trip in 1992. The remains of time were an ordinary trip by plane but also worth to see the island from another angle. After a few trips back and forth between France and Madagascar, he enthusiastically concluded that it is and will remain an earthly paradise that will never disappoint visitors. The locality is still devoid of mass tourism and has as a whole a wide choice of places and riches to discover.

Meet Malagasy hospitality

Antoine was not only conquered by the beauty of Madagascar but especially by the smile and the Malagasy hospitality. According to him, the Malagasy population is made of friendly and welcoming people, ready to make you happy during your stay in their homeland. This hospitality could push tourists to visit the big island after Antoine. Moreover, he never forgets to enrich his documentaries some stolen conversations with the Malagasy to attest his words.

Great offers for the hotel industry

Antoine reassures the visitors that hotel offers are rather easy in Madagascar. Luxury tourism is a growing sector on the Big Island, to satisfy a large category of customers and to better meet the needs of tourists. Our Antoine was even surprised to see the existence of one or more luxury establishments located in each province of the big island. During his last visit, he was able to stay in an upscale hotel in Isalo and two other luxury hotels in the northwest. According to him, these institutions have offered professional services at the same level as luxury hotels abroad. They are growing in order to offer a new image of luxury tourism in Madagascar.

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