lundi 23 janvier 2017

Unpublished trip to the east of Madagascar

In Madagascar, it is not only the highlands that attract tourists. The Eastern region is also an absolute must-see. A palette of discoveries is proposed: either you head to Andasibe to observe the Indri, or you explore the East Green by making several stops on some regions, or you choose the North East in the pursuit of whales watching.

The first itinerary: the Indri refuge

Lemurs, Indri or Babakoto, eastern Madagascar is the preferred place of these primates. Have you ever seen on TV? In Madagascar, you can see them, observe them and even feed them. For this first itinerary, it is on Andasibe that your discovery will begin. It is in this locality that you will deposit your bags. A natural reserve awaits you. This was specially erected to preserve the protection of Indri, before hunted by local poachers. Part of the rich endemic fauna of the island, the Indri serve as scenery and inhabitants in the heart of this natural reserve. Welcome to your new neighbors.

The second itinerary: the East Green and its splendor

No animal can survive in this part of the island without the forest and the luxurious vegetation of the East. Even if this vegetation constitutes the habitat of a large number of animals, it is also an undoubted curiosity in itself. To visit the East Green is also an option in its own right in the discovery of the island. This time, you no longer focus on Andasibe. This is one of the places to visit but there will also be Manambato and the Akanin'ny nofy. These three journeys together in a single itinerary thus establish the second itenerary to the east of Madagascar. Even more suspense and excitement.

The third itenerary: whales watching

Principal refuge of Malagasy fauna and flora, the East is also a temporary habitat for whales watching. These big mammals rejoin the extreme east of the island, at Sainte Marie, to put their little ones there. All the months of July, tourists, researchers and observers jostle to be against these visitors. The region even organizes a week of celebration to honor the arrival of these whales. At this time of year, the warm water of this region attracts these mammals and allows them to raise their whales-calves. Once again, the East made him talk about. Whales, Indri or vegetation, it has enough to make you capsize.