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Cap on the Angavokely massif

Do you want to live an unique hike that is out of the ordinary? Opt for the massive of Angavokely, located more than 30km from the capital Antananarivo. A quiet undergrowth awaits you in this beautiful place. Adorn yourself with the best hiking equipment and discover Angavokely, a great place for long walks with friends, family or lovers. 

A tourist place revered by the inhabitants 

Want to relax and discover? The Angavokely massif offers everything you need. 37 kilometers separates it from the capital. This place is 6km from Carion, on the national road 2 leading to the province of Tamatave. After climbing the heights of 200 meters to the forest station, take a breath and admire the view on the lower side with reliefs and hills. When you are in the heart of the 690ha massif, you will find that this tourist place is also a wealth for the people of the nearby town. This is normal since it has marked the history of the High Plateaux. According to legend, the ancient king of Angavokely found refuge on this massif. A raised stone is still visible. She is honored by the inhabitants for the protection of this ancient king. 

Flora, nature and the past

 In addition to the historical wealth carefully guarded by the massif, it also forms a sanctuary out of the ordinary retaining a rich flora primitive. Among the interesting remains, you can see lichens, eucalyptus, pines, undergrowth and orchids. What is amazing is that a people could live in the middle of this forest of yesteryear. We do not know what he was feeding on but what is certain is that you would still find the mark of their passage once there. At the heart of this flora, you can see caves, roadways, stone walls and rice silos. 

Do not forget the famous caves 

A little further from the forest, about 5 km away, you will reach the two caves of Andavabatomaizina and Andavatsongomby. This is yet another discovery waiting for you on these places. The bravest are not afraid to enter. In the first cave, you can see a large space like a room of 500m2 surface. The interior is a bit dark but you will need your flashlight. One of the three parts of this space is only about 3 meters. You will enter it by a small path surrounded by stones. As for the second cave, it is a deep gallery lodged between two rocks. A little further in west, you will reach the Queen's Bathing Grotto, which, as the name suggests, served as a bathing place for the Queen.

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