mercredi 18 avril 2018

Madagascar, guest of honor at the international boat show

From September 26 to October 1, the 46th edition of the International Boat Show will invite Madagascar on the spot. The country will be honored with its river heritage and nautical activities passable on the territory. Gastronomy and craftsmanship, two promising sectors, will be added to the main theme of this event.

A special stand for Madagascar

 The International Boat Show is an inescapable event, held every year in La Rochelle in southwestern France. During this 46th edition, this big meeting will see the participation of Madagascar, the guest of honor of the organizers. An area of 750m2 will be reserved for the big island on the 100,000m2 of the grand pavois de la Rochelle.

Nautical activities in perspective

It is true that the nautical sector is not yet very launched in Madagascar. This will be an opportunity to let the world know our potential. All activities related to the nautical sector will be exhibited during this show, including the surf kit, diving, fishing, etc. Marine observation and marine heritage are also included in this list. All these specificities will of course be feasible on the Malagasy lands. The International Boat Show will only be a communication tool to show the assets of the big island in this area.

Crafts and gastronomy in addition

When we talk about nautical activities, we are not only focused on the benefits of this sector. There is also tourism, crafts and gastronomy. The hotel sector and the port complexes will also be affected. The Big Island will have to meet international criteria in terms of space and quality before receiving pleasure boats such as yachts and large boats. It should be noted that during the international boat show on the grand pavois of La Rochelle, more than 800 boat brands will exhibit their products. These international labels come from 35 different countries.

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