jeudi 15 mars 2018

A busy program for the Whale Festival

July 7 to 15 will be the dates scheduled for the Whale Festival. A busy, very sporty and lively program awaits the city of Sainte Marie and the visitors who will be at the rendezvous.

Party spaces to welcome the festivities

The city of Sainte Marie is used to welcoming thousands of people during the Whale Festival. In July, this small island is buzzing and enthusiastic about the magnitude of the event. The programs will be rich during the 8 days of the festival : from July 7 to July 15, 2018. Party spaces are built expressly to realize and accommodate the various events. In addition to the festival office and the city center, which are essential places of celebration, the participants in the events will also visit the festival village, the podiums for the festival and for the parade as well as the restaurants of the city.

Various animations for the general public

 If you will be among the visitors, you have the choice between several animations. You will be present at the official opening, the opening parade and the carnival all over the city. That's not all, you can also be there at concerts, dinners and outings. For sport, you will participate in the whale trail or beach soccer organized especially for the occasion. Competition VTT, canoe racing, walking, auto racing and two wheels like motorbikes, quads and 4x4s are also at the rendezvous. In the evening, there will be free and themed concerts and miss elections. During the day, activities on sand like various games for young and old will be organized. CETAMADA will be there to take care of conferences and projections. Educational courses for children will even be granted. They will learn the lifestyles and characteristics of humpback whales that take refuge in this part of the island each year.

Whale watching : a mandatory program

 It is true that there will be many things to do during the whale festival. It is important not to leave the context when you will be there: observe and admire the humpback whales that will be passing through the marine waters near Sainte Marie. These mammals will be accompanied by their calves to enjoy the warm waters bordering Madagascar. To see them more closely, CETAMADA will ready to make public canoes and motor boats. When you are close to these whales, it is necessary to extinguish the engine of the boats not to frighten them!

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