mercredi 15 novembre 2017

Nature trip to the organic sugar factory of Tamatave

The East of Madagascar is not only the beach or paradise landscapes. It is also local products manufactured on-site to support local economic development. If you want to discover the East differently and bring your solidarity to theses local productions, you are invited to participate in the nature circuit in the organic sugar factory of Fanandrana.

Solidarity circuit and nature

This solidarity circuit and nature is not like all tourist visits. It is special insofar as it introduces a specific business area in the heart of the nature of the East. For this trip, we take you to the organic sugar of Fanandrana. The goal is to know the sugar manufacturing company, its activities and all the procedures that revolve around this production of sugar. It's another way to discover the riches of the East of the big island. The tour aims to introduce visitors to what is going on in the company in order to support the local activities.

The visit of the sugar manufacturing company

This visit is described as playful and entertaining. You do not have to see the administrative side of the business but rather the technical side. During the visit, you will see how to make sugar bio from sugar cane. What are the steps used to arrive at a finished product, consumable for all. You also discover how to add perfume to sugar since it is sold with a neutral scent, vanilla or cinnamon.

Before seeing the side "factory" of the visit, we invite you to see the sugar cane plantations. This is what makes this visit a nature and tourist circuit. Located a few kilometers from the large port of Tamatave, these plantations can be discovered by a pirogue ride. For half a day, you are aboard a canoe in the middle of the sugar canes used to make sugars. Other plantations rub shoulders with sugar cane and make this trip unforgettable. Eastern Madagascar is known for its fruit trees and orchards; you do not risk missing them aboard your canoe. To add more pleasure, you can taste the seasonal fruits planted on site. It is even allowed to make an improvised breakfast with these tropical fruits.

At the end of the visit, the person in charge of the circuit will take you to the eco-museum of the sugar refinery. This place tells the story and evolution of the company. You will see how the entity was integrated and certified by Ecocert. How it works to meet manufacturing standards and meet the expectations of the evaluation and audits established by Ecocert. Before leaving, the company offers surprises and allows you to buy a quantity of sugar as souvenirs.

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