mercredi 11 octobre 2017

A great exploration at Tsinjoriake Toliara

In the province of Tuléar, in the extreme south of Madagascar, there are several protected areas worth visiting. Among them, the new protected area of Tsinjoriake is only 17 km from the city town of Tuléar. Want to discover this unique and wild place? Let's go together!

Geographical situation of Tsinjoriake

As we said it later, Tsinjoriake is about ten kilometers from Tuléar, more precisely in Saint Augustin. The area extends to an area of 5900 ha, starting from Andatabo (northern mountain), passing through Saint Augustin to the extreme south, near the river Onilahy. Currently, the protection of this reserve is charged by a local association called TAMIA. It works closely with some financial and technical associations. This association manages and takes care of the locality. It aims to preserve the tourist potential that exists in the heart of the protected area: fauna, flora, cultural and traditional heritages.

What can we see in Tsinjoriake?

There is too much to see in Tsinjoriake. Concerning the environment, you will discover natural resources implanted in the heart of the area: the sea, the beach, the sand dunes, the sacred caves and the cliff. Forest resources are also rich and interesting. The area is marked by a paradisiacal landscape including the mountain of Andatabo with its dry forest. Medicinal plants are also present, not to mention the thorny vegetation, typical of the southern slope of Madagascar.
For wildlife, you can meet several species of birds, 7 of which are endemic to Madagascar. The lifestyle and protection of these birds are closely monitored by the TAMIA association. They serve as scientific studies and research to strengthen their preservation against the degradation of nature and the destruction of their habitat.
Beyond natural resources, Tsinjoriake also retains exceptional cultural and traditional values. The population has turned this locality into a fishing village where fish and fish trade contribute to the survival of the inhabitants. The traditional culture also attracts tourists since there are customs and customs still in force within the locality. The tombs of the ancestors and the sacred caves are honored by the villagers. These sacred places are the witnesses of many traditional and cultural events held each year in Tsinjoriake.

Conservation of biodiversity

Since its development until now, the association TAMIA wants to conserve the biodiversity of Tsinjoriake. The tours are arranged in order to facilitate the visit and the back and forth of the tourists. The guides who work within the protected area regularly receive training to satisfy all client profiles (national and international). The maintenance and arrangement of the reserve continue and are loaded by maintenance and security agents. These agents are qualified and have the role of monitoring and controlling the whole space.

Thanks to determination and love for their village, the work of these volunteers is always rewarded. The protected area provides for their daily needs. Coming here, you help these workers, you discover the authenticity of Tsinjoriake while enjoying the pleasure and relaxation granted during your visit.

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