jeudi 14 décembre 2017

Un inoubliable weekend au Saha Maintsoanala Mandraka

During the holidays and even in working days, the Saha Maintsoanala Mandraka Park opens its doors and welcomes family, friends and tourists. New infrastructures have been put in place to satisfy the needs of each visitor profile. Details

A significant improvement for an unforgettable holiday

If you want nature, relaxation and well-being, the Saha Maintsoanala Mandraka invites you to enjoy a unique holiday. To satisfy you, new facilities have been erected in the heart of the park. For small children, they are entitled to all sorts of amusement attraction. Adults can walk in the middle of the vegetation and take pretty pictures on the floating bridge, one of the last novelties of the park. Apart from the bridge and games, there is also an artificial lake expressly settled on this place where nature and vegetation are closely. The Lake allows you to see the marine wealth who live in the Park

Buy local products and souvenirs

Located 62km from the capital, the Mandraka Saha Maintsoanala Park is an educational site but also a first-rate ecotourism place. That's why officials have developed tourism infrastructure in the middle of the park but also special equipment designed to introduce visitors to the work and to learn of the local peasants. These peasants make an important contribution to the conservation and management of the riches found in the park. Among the activities of the peasants, you can see them in full picking of the products of the soil. They sell these honeys, fruits and vegetables not only to provide for their needs but also to let visitors know the natural riches of this locality. Otherwise, they manufacture craft products that will be beautiful memories items during your stay.

Visit the lemur habitat

The biggest attraction in the park is the lemurs. You will be happy to see the lifestyle of this endemic and surprising animal. Moreover, despite the presence of games and other tourist activities, lemurs will captivate all your attention. These are the masters of the place. They intend to charm you so that you can never forget them after your departure. In full visit, you will see the newborns of the clan. Babies lemurs cute and crisp that will ensure the longevity of the species. On the other hand, you will consult the alternatives put in place to protect the place. In developing these kinds of issues, Mandraka's Saha Maintsonala wants to meet the expectations of visitors, both nationally and internationally, but also to make visitors aware of their roles in conserving these natural resources.

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