mardi 26 septembre 2017

Hiking in ambolo

To the north of Antananarivo, a small village named Ambolo constitutes a high place of discovery and walk. Even if the holidays are ended, a little detour with family or friends is well worth it. One day is enough to discover the authenticity and the natural richness of this intimate, charming and welcoming place.

What kind of tour is waiting for visitors?

In order to discover the particularities of the place it is always preferable to leave together with a guide. He knows the place and will explain the must-see in the heart of this small village. The tour will therefore concentrate on hiking and discovery. You will take the national road 3 and join the village of Talatanivolonondry to the north of the capital. When you are there, you leave the car and you will return to a secondary trail to reach Ambolo. In the middle of the vegetation, some descents await the hikers and requiring the wearing of special and robust shoes. Do not worry, this descent will not last too long. It will be alternated by flat and somewhat rocky tracks. In all, the hike will last 4 hours for about 12 kms.

The atypical agriculture of the locality

The landscape is magnificent as hikers will not feel their tired. In the distance you can see a vast plain where agriculture is the first occupation of the villagers. Moreover, this place can be called agricultural land. For some time, the village of Ambolo has created a new concept linked to agriculture. This new method is called "permaculture", which consists in valorising and exploiting the beneficial link between the environment and man. By visiting the village, you will see the result of this new concept freshly used by the peasants. In addition, the big island enters the spring season when rice cultivation is in full swing. During the hike, enjoy the nature and shades of color that delight the eyes. These natural colors are reflected in the fields, rice fields and the land of the village of Ambolo.

A well-deserved culinary escapade

Four hours of visiting is probably tiring. To keep this breathtaking discovery in mind and to prepare for a return trip to the capital, a culinary detour is offered to all hikers. This halt takes place in the heart of the village of Talatanivolonondry renowned for its famous "koba" and homemade sausages. When making a trip to this part of the capital, it is mandatory to taste this atypical food of the region. The "koba" is a kind of cake made from rice flour, sugars, crushed pistachios and foliage to wrap the whole. The know-how is truly unique since it is transmitted from family to family. The preparation requires a great knowledge because the koba is not easy to concoct. The ingredients should be at their right dose not to mention the time and very special cooking materials. These materials are not for sale everywhere. The vendors themselves build their cooking tools according to the training obtained by their elders.

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